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Green Heart Trade Center

Green Heart O2O (Online to Offline)
Permanent Exhibition & Sales is the Trade Center

which is an innovative way to establish overseas corporations and distributors in Korea to sell directly to Korean distributors and consumers without going through local export companies and Korean importers. The process also allows independent operators to sell products to the world through Korean traders.


Korea's import market share is over 70%,
and dependence on imported goods is high.

However, most overseas companies are entering the Korean market with general export or customized production methods
then overseas manufacturers are taking a low manufacturing margin, and the fact that local intermediate traders,
Korea's mid-traders and distributors take the most profit. Due to this structure,
Korean consumers are also buying imported goods at high prices.

The Green Heart O2O Trade Center, which was created with the purpose of innovating this unreasonable structure,
has established a Korean corporation to directly display and sell the products, so that consumers have genuine reliability,
refunds, returns and A/S then enhance the image, value of corporate and commodity brands while enhancing
convenience for Korean consumers. It is also an opportunity to understand the merits and successes of the products,
the problems and improvements of the products, and the appropriate price of the products because they are
easily accessible to Korean traders, distributors and consumers.
Korea is the tenth largest trading country in the world. Because Korea acts as a test bed for the global market,
it is a must-go market in order to become a global brand.


ONE-STOP SERVICE - Established company, Registration and permission, Customs clearance and transportation, Logistics and storage, PR and Marketing, Accounting and settlement, Distribution and sales, Global Trade

The one-stop service policy, which supports everything to
foreign comapanies from beginning to end

is includes foreign company's registration in Korea, product registration, import /sales permission, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping, research, marketing, promotion, distribution contracts, small/wholesale sales, online sales, accounting, legal affairs,
insurance/design that we will continue to support customized consulting services.
It is important to improve the brand image value and to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the product from the perspective of the foreign company however, the most important thing will be sales to the Korean and global commodity markets through distributors and traders, which are constantly acquired for successful sales in the Korean market.
In addition, we sell products through our own online shopping mall and Korea's major online shopping malls then further build up our sales network around the world including Korea. So, if you join the Green Heart Trade Center, you can surely make a successful entry into the Korean and global markets.

The Green Heart Trade Center is located in a large shopping mall which is the commercial center of Korea's distribution and has convenient geographical advantages.
Therefore, foreign companies can acquire management know-how and operating system in Korea.
We can also supply Korean technology and sourcing of Korean products needed by foreign companies through
Korean cooperation manufacturer of Green Heart Trade Center.


  • Support for company
  • Opening a bank account
  • Import permit
  • Permission to sell
  • Customs declaration and
    customs clearance
  • Quarantine and Safety
  • Administrative and legal advice
  • Expatriate landing service
  • Marketing and PR
  • Logistics warehouse and
    inventory management
  • Customer Management (CS)
  • POS management system
  • Activation system
  • Tax declaration
  • Accounting
  • Store staff training
  • Review of trade documents
  • Consulting for settlement of
    quotation conditions
  • Communication support
  • Selection & management of
    Seller & Buyer
  • Shipper selection and
    shipping business support
  • Customs clearance and
    customs clearance
  • Consulting on import and
    export requirements
  • LC business & remittance
    related consulting

Business support services provided

  • Business support center
  • Multipurpose studio
  • Conference room
  • Cafe
  • Education Center
  • Administration center
  • Customer center
  • Nursing room
  • A/S Center


The Dongdaemun market is a typical shopping and retail market in Seoul.
The history of Dongdaemun as a modern commercial area has been over
100 years since 1905, when the Kwangjang market was born.


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  • Address

    4564 서울특별시 중구 장충단로 247 굿모닝시티쇼핑몰 6F Green Heart World
    Green Heart World, 6F, Good Morning City Shopping Mall, 247, Jangchungdan-ro,
    Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 04564


We sincerely invite powerful enterprises and institutions
to cooperate on constructing a better
Green Heart O2O Trade Center.

Join the Green Heart O2O Trade Center, give full play to your unique
resource advantages, provide better services to the entered enterprises,
and build a more perfect platform for consumption information of O2O.


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